How much protein per day to gain mass?…

Great classic for gourmands: what better to warm a winter evening, than a potato in his field dress, with a slice of bacon, all topped with your favorite favorite sauce? With a hundred or so calories per 100 gr, contrary to what it may seem, this type of sauce is not necessarily a contribution too […]

Cardio or muscle building, which one to choose to lose weight?

Running, swimming, dancing or spinning in the weight room : should you choose a cardio or muscle building activity to lose weight? The answer is simple: both … but above all, the important thing is to change the diet, otherwise the sport will be ineffective. Cardio and muscle building: both are important for weight loss […]

Rosemary essential oil against cellulite?

Commonly known as “orange peel ‚ÄČ”, cellulite is a condition characterized by inflammation similar to bumps. It affects mostly women and is most often due to the accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. To remedy this effectively, rosemary essential oil can be an excellent ally . We suggest you discover here its properties and […]

Cycling or walking to lose weight?

Do you want to burn fat in your body ? You hesitate between cycling and walking as a daily activity to lose weight? In comparison, it is better to pedal than to walk to tap into your calories and refine you quickly. Why ? What are the properties of cycling on your body? We tell […]

Top 5 non-caloric appetite suppressants

When you start a low-calorie diet , you sometimes feel the urge to eat between meals. But to lose weight, it is better to crack on low calorie foods. To allow you to lose weight during a diet without suffering from cravings, here is a list of 5 natural and effective appetite suppressants! The slimming […]

How many calories in the frappuccino?

Of course the purists of the espresso will roll their eyes in an annoyed sigh, but for the others, how to resist this little taste of coffee and that touch of smooth cream? With 180 kcal per 35 cent serving, focus on a cool drink like no other. The contributions of the frappucino In its […]

Does chlorophyll lose weight?

Losing weight is something that many people try to do, and that makes sense. Being overweight can lead to health concerns, complexities and sometimes social problems. To help you in your slimming projects, here is a summary of the benefits of chlorophyll on the line and on the body. Chlorophyll, a slimming ally Chlorophyll is […]

Typical breakfast of the vegetarian diet

Vegetarianism makes every year more and more followers. Indeed, it attracts by its simplicity, its ecological side and its justified reputation to be good for the health. With or without gluten, it’s easy to cook a full vegetarian breakfast. Unlike veganism, vegetarianism indeed accepts dairy products, honey, eggs … What to embellish your mornings full […]

What drinks are allowed during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant women must change their eating habits by banning not just certain foods but also certain drinks, starting with alcohol . And they must favor a drink among all: water. Water, a must drink Each of us has to drink water every day ; All the more, a pregnant woman. Water is necessary […]

Anti-craving breakfast

You are among the people who can not help but nibble on the stroke of ten o’clock in the morning? With a balanced diet on waking, cravings will be a bad memory. And calorie side, no worries, they will be quickly eliminated. Small anti-craving breakfast ideas All nutrition experts will tell you that eating right […]