5 exercises to do with soft dumbbells for ankles

Weight training allows you to lose fat in a targeted way, to gain muscle volume , but also to maintain your body in good condition. To optimize its various effects, various equipment is used, including flexible dumbbells. Worn at the ankles and wrists, they allow for a wide variety of exercises while maintaining a certain […]

Swimming to build your back?

Swimming is an essential practice for strengthening the back , toning the silhouette and preventing lower back pain. Complete sport, it is effective to work the whole body and more particularly the back and the other muscles of the trunk. Everyone can exercise this discipline and its health benefits are proven. How swimming back muscle? […]

Sleep: what is your chronotype?

To find the line, a balanced lifestyle is essential . But you are an incorrigible dormouse, and you always miss breakfast? Deconscion: laziness is not for nothing. The culprit is rather your chronotype … Definition and test to define your sleeper profile! Definition: what is the chronotype? We do not all need the same amount […]

The cohen diet for vegetarians too?

The Cohen Diet is known for its flexibility. It is easy to follow and adapts perfectly to all lifestyles, including that of vegetarians . The principle is to eat whatever you want, but in reasonable quantities. Clearly, it should not exceed 1400 calories per day, which already benefits vegetarians, because plant products are often low […]

Sport program: flat stomach target

The belly is among the most difficult areas to work as part of a slimming program . Weight loss must be general. However, you should know that a number of exercises can lose weight belly, optimally, without having to force on the abs. Here is a series of sports programs that will help you to […]

What physical activities against diabetes?

Do you or someone close to you have diabetes ? Sports activities are now an integral part of the treatment of chronic diseases. They allow to limit the progression while improving the quality of life of the subject. Discover here the physical activities that type 1 and 2 diabetics have every interest in practicing. Physical […]

How to firm up between the thighs?

The inside of your thighs is rather soft and you want to strengthen this area effectively? There are several solutions to lose fat between the thighs . Still need to apply these exercises regularly. 1: the sumo squat This physical activity aims to tone the muscles of your legs and therefore of course your adductors […]

Strengthen your glutes with the bike

The glutes can be classified into two distinct categories of muscles. First, there is the gluteus maximus , the most powerful muscle in the body that allows us to stand up. Second, there is the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius , the muscles responsible for the bouncy aspect of the buttocks. For the muscles, […]

What massages for cellulite glutes?

Contrary to what one thinks, the cellulite of the glutes is far from being inevitable ; although it is unsightly. If you have tried several solutions so far unsuccessful, know that it is quite possible to eliminate through massage. Just adopt the right gestures and be precise in the movements and voila. Here are some […]

What green vegetables for people with diabetes?

According to the latest scientific studies, putting more green vegetables in one’s diet can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes , as well as constituting a true detox diet for the body. Good news: it can also help to lose belly! List of green vegetables beneficial to diabetics Spinach can reduce the risk […]