The trail: a consequent caloric expenditure?

Trail running is on the rise with more and more athletes . This practice of running on paths or trails requires more training and effort because the terrain can be more or less passable and have more or less significant unevenness. As a result, the distance but also the drop affect your caloric expenditure and […]

Advantages and disadvantages of palpate-rolling

Palpate-rolling is an essential massage treatment that is effective against cellulite to dislodge fats, but also to treat back pain, fatigue and other health problems. Let’s see for each of its types what are its advantages and disadvantages, if it works and how long it should last … Concerning palpate-rolling made by hand It involves […]

The 5-day Weider Routine for powerful muscles

The 5 day weider routine was innovated by joe weider (1919-2013), creator of the Mr. Olympia contest, and is the co-founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). In his time, the achievement of gathering a series of training principles was successful in developing the famous Weider routine, used today by bodybuilders. However, the term […]

How many calories in peanut sauce?

Peanut sauce is very popular for its flavor and greed. It accompanies many types of Asian dish as a seasoning. However, peanut sauce for spring rolls contains no less than 247 calories per 100 grams. It is not very recommended as part of a slimming diet, but you can very well opt for the light […]

Menus type has 1500 calories a day?

To lose weight quickly, there is no secret, it is necessary to reduce the daily caloric intake. The goal is not to starve, but rather to give the body the right to have enough energy without having to store surplus food. For this, we must focus on nutrient-rich foods and very low in calories. The […]

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